CLASS Case Management

Your Case Manager is responsible for:

  • coordinating team meeting
  • draft budgets for CLASS services
  • maintaining monthly contact
  • completing paperwork for requests from CLASS
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the CLASS services and the individual’s progress toward achieving the outcomes identified;
  • assessing the individual’s needs;
  • enrolling the individual into the CLASS Program;
  • developing the individual’s service plan;
  • coordinating the provision of CLASS services;
  • revising the individual’s service plan,
  • accessing non-waiver services, including Medicaid State Plan services;
  • resolving crisis situations in the individual’s life;
  • advocating for the individual; and
  • pre-enrollment assessment before the individual is enrolled in the CLASS program.

Case Management Agency

This agency is contracted with HHS to assist with accessing non-waiver funds so that CLASS funds are only used as a last resort.

Texas Health and Human Services maintains CLASS Choice Lists for applicants, individuals or legally authorized representatives to use when choosing a Case Management Agency and Direct Services Agency. The lists are maintained for each CLASS catchment area and are updated monthly, or as needed.

Comparison to other Waivers