Types of Service

To a parent, hours to help care for an individual with a disability may seem all the same.

But the definition of the “Type of Service” will make a difference in WHO is allowed to be hired… for example:

Respite is a service to provide family relief to natural supports, like parents/siblings who live with the individual and provide unpaid assistance.

  • Parents cannot be providers of respite.
  • Some agencies also say providers of respite cannot live in the same home; other agencies only limit parents, but allow siblings living in the same home to provide respite hours. If the sibling is not the primary unpaid family support, they should be able to be the paid provider of respite.
  • If the parents are paid providers of PAS/Hab, some programs do not allow the family to receive respite hours, since they see the parents as a paid support instead of aa unpaid family support.
  • MDCP hours are respite hours.
  • CLASS and HCS budgets may include both respite and PAS/Hab (below).
PAS/Hab (Personal Assistance Services/Habilitation) is a service to assist an individual to complete or learn ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).

Let’s start by looking at Service Delivery Options