Community First Choice (CFC)

Texas implemented the Community First Choice program June 1, 2015.

What’s Community First Choice?

  • The “Community First Choice Option”  allows States to provide home and community-based attendant services and supports to eligible Medicaid re under their State Plan.
    • CFC is a Medicaid State Plan entitlement service and must be provided to those individuals that meet the eligibility criteria.
    • This State plan option was established under the Affordable Care Act of 2010. (Source:
    • This option provides states with a 6% increase in federal matching funds for Medicaid for these services. (Source: TxHHSC)

To be eligible for CFC services, an individual must:

  1. Be a child or an adult who is receiving Medicaid
  2. Require an institutional level of care (like required for CLASS, MDCP, or HCS)
    • A nursing facility
    • An institution of mental disease
    • An intermediate care facility for individuals with an intellectual disability or related condition

Why is this good news!?!

Individuals receiving Medicaid will be eligible to request habilitation (attendant care) through Community First Choice.

  • If the Medicaid recipient has traditional Medicaid, they will call the PCS Intake Line (1-888-276-0702) to request an assessment.
  • If the Medicaid recipient has STAR or STAR+Plus Medicaid, they will call their Managed Care Organization (MCO) to request Community First Choice.

Link to official information

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3 Responses to Community First Choice (CFC)

  1. Lady says:

    Susan called me from 521) 491-2876, Austin, Texas. She said she was from Texas Health and Human Services. She had my name, address and asked if I would like to apply for the Star-Plus program. I told her, “Please don’t take any offense but there’s a scam out where if they record your voice saying “yes” then they.” She interrupted and said she could send me the form out or put me at the bottom of the list and call me back in six months. Is this legit?


    • Heather says:

      If she had your personal info, I would trust she was from HHSC.


    • Sue Burek says:

      FYI – Susan Godwin works for HHSC with the STAR PLUS Medicaid Waiver program. She contacted us when my daughter turned 21 to ask if we wanted to apply for the STAR PLUS waiver. Coincidently, my daughter also qualified for the TX Home Living Waiver, so we chose the TXHML Waiver instead of STAR PLUS waiver. Susan was NOT trying to scam you.
      FYI – The STAR PLUS Waiver is a good choice for adults age 21+ who are still on the waiting list for other waivers. There is no waiting list for the STAR PLUS waiver. To be eligible for the STAR PLUS waiver, you must be 21+ and meet the nursing facility Level of Care criteria.


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