Guide topic 1: Money

Money is usually the starting point for learning what services your child (or you) will qualify for…

Most people WRONGLY ASSUME that all services for people with disabilities have the same financial criteria.

This is not true. Each program has it’s own income criteria.
Some programs exist to help with BOTH INCOME and HEALTHCARE.
Some only help with HEALTHCARE.

Program: Criteria: Helps with:
Food stamps &
Pregnancy/Infant Medicaid
Poverty Level of the entire household. Income &
Supplemental Security
Income (SSI) & Medicaid
Poverty level of the entire household if under 18 yrs.

  • Family’s income is totaled, then divided among household members if individual with need is under 18 yrs old.

After individual is 18 yrs old, only personal income is considered.

Income &
Medicaid waiver
& DADS-connected Medicaid
Family income is NOT considered.
Only personal income is considered, regardless of age. Personal income can be 3x as much as allowed for SSI.
Medicaid Buy-In for:

Family income is used to calculate a monthly payment for Medicaid. Healthcare

Even if your family does not qualify for the 1st 2 programs, they may still qualify for the 3rd – a Medicaid Waiver and Medicaid. Waivers provide lots of benefits, one of which is Medicaid Healthcare.

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  1. says:

    I heard that you can apply for Medicaid for Elderly and People with Disabilities (MEPD) if you don’t qualify for SSI – I understand there is an income limit can’t have income over $2,000.00 or so. Why don’t you list that here on this page?


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