Descriptions of Medicaid Waivers

What is a Medicaid Waiver?

Basically, a Medicaid waivers is a program created to “waive-off” (or prevent) institutionalization of an individual with a disability.

What’s the big deal?

  1. The personal care/support cost is shared by the government… so that families are not forced to choose between:
    Caring for the individual with a disability: vs Caring for the normal family expenses:
    • Add copays for specialists
    • Costs for therapies
    • Costs for equipment
    • Time/transportation for therapy & doctor appointments
    • Private school/tutuoring
    • Mortgage/rent
    • Activities for other family members (sports, hobbies)

    (Click here if you aren’t worried about making these choices…)

  2. An individual whose family resources DISQUALIFY them for receiving Medicaid through SSI,  can qualify for Medicaid.

How do we know who will get this help?

Each Medicaid Waiver was designed to prevent a specific type of institutionalization:

  1. Nursing Home
  2. State school for Intellectual Disabilities
  3. Psychiatric hospital

Housing arrangements

These programs try to provide care in the community the person lives in.

Most programs only allow for the individual to live in a private home/apartment.

Only HCS has a provision for individual to live in a group home away from family, still located in the community near family.



3 Responses to Descriptions of Medicaid Waivers

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  2. Stacie keith says:

    Does the individual who who houses the Medicaid recipient receive money for providing them a place to stay?


    • Heather says:

      Different answers:
      1. In the HCS waiver, if the individual is over 18 yrs old, the budget can either include attendant hours or a monthly sum to the person they live with.
      2. In CLASS, only option is attendant hours.


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