Requesting a new Service

You can request a new service at anytime, but you need to remember that the CLASS process is not set up for immediate changes.

  • This is a long-term care service.
  • If there is a change in health status due to surgery or illness, Medicaid acute care should have a response for this.

Some requests have steps that come before making a budget change, such as:

Here are the timeframes that apply to all budget changes:

  1. Once your Case Manager has received the documents to complete the request, they have 5 days to initiate the budget change.
    • You sign and return the budget documents to the Case Manager.
    • Your case manager sends it to the DSA for signing.
  2. Once your Case Manager has the budget signed by all, the effective date is set at least 30 days after the last signature.
  3. Documents are uploaded to HHS Portal for review and approval.
  4. When the Budget it approved, a copy will be sent to you and the DSA within 5 days.
  5. The changes made on the budget go into effect the later of:
    • The effective date
    • The approval date if not approved by the effective date