Texas Technology Access Program


Device Loan Library

Short-term device loans are available for 35 days. When individuals with disabilities, their families, and qualified professionals are able to borrow AT devices and assess them in the individual’s normal environments, they are then better able to determine if the devices meet their needs or the needs of individuals with disabilities they are serving. They are then able to make informed choices about what device to purchase or whether to purchase a device at all.

The program works with agencies that provide assistive technology device loans to develop a system of mutual referral so consumers can find the agency most appropriate to meet their equipment loan needs.

The AT device loan library is up and running.

Demonstration Centers

The Texas Technology Access Program (TTAP) supports a statewide network of assistive technology demonstration centers to provide general assistive technology, computer access, and portable computer access demonstrations. Some demonstration Centers have Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices. Virtual Demonstrations may also be scheduled via a Zoom meeting by contacting the TTAP Demonstration Center. Demonstrations are available to consumers and their family members, the professionals that support them, as well as advocates, employers, and educators. 

Demonstrations include an explanation of the function of a device and instruction in its use.  There are opportunities at each in-person demonstration event for participants to use or try a number of devices so that each individual will be better able to determine the most appropriate device to meet his/her specific needs.  Upon completion of the demonstrations, participants are given information about further assessment if required, costs and funding, and possible assistive technology vendors in order for the participant to make an informed decision regarding accessing or acquiring appropriate assistive technology devices.  Consumers may also choose to borrow assistive technology seen at a demonstration from the TTAP Loan Library.

Texas Technology Access Program
Texas Center for Disability Studies
The University of Texas at Austin, L4000
Commons Learning Center, Suite 1.154
10100 Burnet Road
Austin, Texas 78758-4445

Telephone (512) 232-0740 (main)
Facsimile (512) 232-0761
Toll-free (800) 828-7839

Persons using a TTY/TDD may contact us through Relay Texas at (800) 735-2989 or 711 (voice). Individuals with speech disabilities may contact us through Speak-Up Texas at 1-877-826-6607. 


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