CLASS Specialized Therapies – Music, Massage, Aquatic, Recreational, Therapeutic Horseback

7233 Specialized Therapies

Specialized therapy services must be related to the individual’s disability. Specific therapeutic goals must be in place for each specialized therapy provided under the CLASS program to address the individual’s disability. A current physician’s order for each therapy is required before the delivery of specialized therapy services. Physician’s orders are not necessary for an evaluation only.

The following services are available under specialized therapies and may be billed under the CLASS program if included in the individual’s authorized IPC.

Massage Therapy

  • Provided by a licensed massage therapist.

Recreational Therapy

Music Therapy

Aquatic Therapy

  • Provided by:
    • a licensed massage therapist;
    • a certified therapeutic recreation specialist awarded by the NCTRC;
    • a certified therapeutic recreation specialist awarded by the CTRAC; and
      • hold a certificate of completion of the “Basic Water Rescue” course from the American Red Cross; or
      • be certified by the American Red Cross as a lifeguard.


Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Auditory Integration/Auditory Enhancement Training

Auditory integration/auditory enhancement is specialized training that assists an individual to cope with hearing dysfunction or over-sensitivity to certain frequency ranges of sound by facilitating auditory processing skills and exercising the middle ear and auditory nervous system.

  • Provided by a licensed audiologist or a licensed assistant in audiology.
  • An individual must have an audiogram performed by a licensed audiologist as a pre-requisite for auditory integration/auditory enhancement training.