CLASS CDS Support Consultation

Support consultation is an optional service provided by a support advisor and provides a level of assistance and training beyond that provided by the FMSA through FMS.

Support consultation helps a CDS employer to meet the required employer responsibilities of the CDS option and successfully deliver program services. Support consultation is available for CDS employers who choose additional support for hiring, dismissing, and training attendants.

The CDS employer may choose to receive support consultation services from the support advisor associated with their FMSA or another qualified support advisor.

  • Individuals may choose a support advisor from the list of support advisors who have met Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC)  support advisor training requirements, located on the HHSC website at
  • The FMSA must make a qualified support advisor available to individuals to whom they provide FMS.

Payment for support consultation is budgeted within the CDS portion of the individual’s budget and is not a separate and distinct service on the Individual Plan of Care (IPC).