CLASS Nursing

CLASS Annual Nursing Assessment

Each year, your DSA will send a nurse to assess your health and functional status.

They will complete a Nursing Assessment and Form 8662 Related Conditions Eligibility Screening Instrument every year.

They will complete The Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP) every 5 years.

7220 Nursing

The following activities may be billed under the CLASS program if included in the individual’s approved IPC:

  • direct delivery of nursing services by an RN or LVN within the scope of their licensure;
  • delegation activities performed by the RN, including the direct training and supervision of unlicensed persons in the performance of health-related tasks;
  • nursing assessments performed by the RN; and
  • participation on the SPT when the individual has an identified need for nursing services.

7221 Specialized Nursing

Nursing services provided to an individual who requires tracheostomy care or is ventilator dependent must be billed to the CLASS program if included in the individual’s authorized IPC.