CLASS Enrollment Process

  1. Intake
    • Case Management Agency (CMA) case manager visit
    • Direct Service Agency (DSA) nursing visit
      • Complete NA (Nursing Assessment)
      • Complete IDRC (Intellectual Disability Related Condition assessment)
      • Complete ICAP (Inventory for Client and Agency Planning)
  2. Preparation
    • DSA submits the IDRC for review and approval by HHSC
    • Family reviews information about the Service Delivery Options to decide if attendants will be employed through CDS (Consumer-Directed Services) or DSA (Direct Service Agency).
      • Review Forms 1581, 1582, and 1586
      • If selecting CDS Option, select and contact an FMSA (Financial Management Service Agency) to schedule CDS Orientation
  3. Planning
    • Once the DSA received the IDRC from HHSC, they will send it to the Case Manager.
    • The Case Manager will coordinate a Service Planning Team (SPT) meeting to create the CLASS budget.
      • If selecting CDS Option, schedule a time to complete Hab Plan with Case Manager
      • If selecting DSA Option, schedule a time to complete Hab Plan with DSA
    • Once the meeting is complete:
      • If the Enrollee already has Medicaid, a CLASS enrollment date will be set.
      • If the Enrollee needs to get CLASS-connected Medicaid (called MEPD (Medicaid for Elderly and People with Disabilities), then the Case Manager will submit the proposed budget and the Medicaid application. Once the Medicaid application is approved, then a CLASS enrollment date will be set.