Explanation of Common Service

  • Case Management:
    • MDCP: Creates budget annually
    • CLASS: Monthly contact and Quarterly visits
    • HCS: Monthly visits
  • Nursing Services:
    • MDCP: Respite – can be provided by an attendant or a nurse
    • CLASS: Annual and post-hospital visit; limited on-going care nursing
    • HCS: Monthly monitoring of medications, therapy prescriptions.
  • Personal care:
    • MDCP: Called Respite – can be provided by an attendant or a nurse
    • CLASS: Called Habilitation – can be provided by an attendant.
    • HCS: Called Supported Home Living – can be provided by an attendant
  • Respite:
    • MDCP: Direct care to an individual to provide a caregiver temporary relief from caregiving activities when the caregiver would usually perform such activities.
    • CLASS:
    • HCS:
  • Day Habilitation
  • Supported Employment
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Psychological/Behavioral therapy
  • Adaptive Aids: A device that is needed to treat, rehabilitate, prevent or compensate for a condition that results in a disability or a loss of function and helps a person perform the activities of daily living or control the environment. (Limits/yr: MDCP $4,000; CLASS $10,000; HCS $)
    • Dental service
  • Minor Home Modifications: A physical change to an individual’s residence that is needed to prevent institutionalization or to support the most integrated setting for a person to remain in the community. Minor home modifications include Bathroom modifications, Doorway widening, and Ramps. (Limits/person: MDCP $7,500; CLASS $10,000; HCS $)
  • Unlimited Prescriptions
  • Transition Assistance Services: Services that pay for non-recurring, set-up expenses for essential items and services that allow people to transition from a nursing home to the community.
  • Financial Management Services: Services that assist an individual or family with managing funds associated with self-directing respite and adjunct support services through the Consumer Directed Services option.

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