HIPP (Health Insurance Premium Payment)

Click to go to Official HIPP website

The HIPP Program is a Medicaid initiative to get MORE people to stay on PRIVATE INSURANCE even if they have Medicaid.

By private insurance paying FIRST, Medicaid pays less bills.

The process:
Medicaid HIPP will do an analysis of the “quality” of the private insurance.

    • Does it cover at least 60% on most items (Inpatient coverage, Outpatient coverage, Lab and X-ray coverage, Prescription coverage, Doctor visits)?
    • Does it cover an unlimited number of prescriptions?
    • Does it have a lifetime maximum of over $500,000?
    • Does it have an individual deductible of $1,000 or less?

If these answers are YES, then they may pay for the ENTIRE private insurance premium.

Call to apply: 1-800-440-0493
You will need to fax or mail the details of your private health insurance, such as:

  • Benefits summary – description of the plan
  • Rates sheet – itemized details of how much the plan covers (percentages, copayments, etc)
  • Check stub showing amount withheld each month for policy

Download application

HIPP fax: 1-512-514-4226
Address: PO Box 201120, Austin, TX 78720


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