How to Use AdobeSign

Here are the steps to sign a document sent to you by AdobeSign.

1. Find the email. The subject will always start with “Signature requested on”. It might look like it came from me…

But it actually comes from on my behalf. You might have to add this email to your address book so these emails don’t go to your junk or spam mailbox.

2. Once you have located the email, you can sign the documents.

First, click “Review and Sign” in the email body.

3. Then a new window will open in your browser. Click “Start”.

4. Now you will be taken to the first location in the document that needs a signature. Click on “Tap to sign”.

5. For the first signature, a window will open for you to design your signature. You can use a typed or a drawn signature.

I think drawn signatures are best.

And you need to add your name in the box, then click apply.

6. After you click apply, you will be able to click “tap to sign” throughout the document and it will put this signature in each spot.

7. Once all the signatures are placed in the document, you need to click this last spot to agree to Adobe Sign’s Terms of Use.

8. You know you completed the signatures if you see this screen!

You can download a copy here, BUT you will also receive an email with the copy, and a final email when every one assigned to sign the document after you completed their signatures.