MTP (Medicaid Transportation Program)

Medicaid Transportation assistance can be accessed in 2 ways:

  1. Reimbursement for mileage
  2. To pick you up and drive you to the appointment in a taxi cab

There are 2 categories of transportation:

  • Routine Medical Transportation
    • This is the type of service that MTP arranges for you to go to a place in the county where you live or a county nearby. If you need this help, call 1-855-687-4786. You must call MTM at least two business days before the day you need the ride.
  • Special Medical Transportation
    • This service is when you need help getting to the doctor or hospital in another city. It can help pay for travel, lodging and meals in some cases if you must stay away from home overnight or longer for medical reasons. Call 1-855-687-4786 at least five business days before you need to travel to set up this type of help.

More info is available at

10 Responses to MTP (Medicaid Transportation Program)

  1. James Spivey says:

    Still waiting for my reburment check it was approved in dec still nothing


  2. Rtb says:

    Does Medicaid provide transportation to support group meeting if your disability is blindness?


  3. Maria Hernandez says:

    Does Medicaid reinburse you for money spent out of pocket at hotels and ronald mcdonald house and gas money while staying away from home with a baby in the hospital?


  4. Amber says:

    Does it pay for hotel if my son is having surgery in another city if my mother is driving us and can’t stay at hospital


  5. tracy l gale says:



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