My name is Heather Burdeaux, and I am writing this informational site from the perspective of my 2 roles:

  1. Mom of 2 children with Down syndrome (born 9/11/2001, adopted 6/10/2005)
  2. Case manager for the CLASS Medicaid-waiver through Vitaliving Inc (since 11/2005)

After 9 years (since the birth of my first child), I have found that the terminology is a huge barrier to families accessing the services available through Medicaid waivers. But I have also found that people working in these programs talk so far over the heads of parents that they are just more confused when they pursue this info.

My goal here is to organize the information I have learned in a format that is orderly and parent-friendly, and accurate.

Other places we can meet up on-line:



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