Project U.N.I.O.N.

Project Understanding Needs In Our Neighborhoods (U.N.I.O.N.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization developed to promote independence and rehabilitation in the Harris County community. They assist individuals in becoming more functional, safe, and active in their community.

This is achieved by distributing donated medical equipment to the disabled low income population of Harris County. Many residents of Harris County, even individuals who are covered under Medicare and Medicaid, must pay out pocket for standard and essential medical equipment including wheelchairs, bathroom devices, and hospital beds. These items are necessary for their safety and the improvement of their quality of life.

Their mission is to assist individuals in Harris County by:

  • Providing gently used durable medical equipment
  • Educating them about community resources
  • Repairing and restoring damaged medical equipment
  • Increasing awareness about the issues facing the disabled

There are few services in Harris County that assist low income individuals with disabilities. Project UNION is an important resource for these individuals because we understand the challenges of the disabled and we have the ability to address the issues faced by this underserved population. These individuals often have tremendous potential to improve their independence, restore their quality of life, and return to better participation in society but lack the resources required to progress. We provide gently used medical equipment that allows disabled individual to become more active and functional. For this reason, our organization is essential to the improvement of Harris County. Project UNION is composed solely of volunteers and we receive financial support from private donations, grants, charitable organizations, and corporate sponsors.


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